Programs Available

I offer a variety of different programs to suit your organization's needs and desires. I conduct these programs dressed in the manner of an 18th century middle class woman (ca. 1765-1780); however, I can also appear in the dress of an early- to mid-19th century woman, and I'm working on a possible Medieval impression as well.

Spinning Demonstrations

Spinning demonstrations are given using either a reproduction Saxony or an antique Lithuanian upright "Castle" spinning wheel as well as a variety of drop spindles, with a small fiber & tools display. There is full interaction with visitors, who are invited to ask questions and handle and feel the different fiber samples and fabrics, and who also may try their hand at spinning.

Doggy not included.

(Photo: Dey Mansion Historic Site, Wayne, NJ, October 2021. Courtesy Vivian Davis.)

Spinning plus Historical Tools & Fiber Display

The spinning wheel demonstration listed above is enhanced with the full fiber and tools display. Spinning on a variety of drop spindles from different eras and parts of the globe are demonstrated. Visitors may handle and feel the different animal and plant fibers used throughout history, see the many tools used in spinning preparation, and even try their hand at spinning.

(Photo: Battle of White Plains event, Jacob Purdy Homestead, White Plains, NY, October 2021. Courtesy Al Pochek.)

History of Fiber Textiles Lectures

A full lecture (with or without a PowerPoint presentation) on the history of spinning and wool / linen textiles, complete with a full fiber & tools display and a spinning demonstration, either on a spinning wheel or drop spindle or both.

Pictured at left: A working reproduction drop spindle used during the Neolithic period in Europe, ca. 15,000 - 20,000 years BCE. The clay spindle whorl has been incised with lines, circles & dots (decorations that have been found on archeological whorl specimens) and the spindle was scraped with a flint knife.

Behind the spindle is a Lithuanian upright "Castle" style spinning wheel made in 1886, and yes, she still spins beautifully.

Drop Spindle Workshops

Hands-on workshops where adults and/or children can learn how to make drop spindles and then spin wool themselves. A brief talk is given about the history of spinning, and a demonstration on the spinning wheel follows. Participants are then instructed on how to construct their own working drop spindle, and detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to spin wool follow. Participants will go home with their new drop spindle and a supply of wool fiber as well as printed instructions.

It is requested that adults (camp counselors, parents, etc.) please be in attendance to assist with supervision for children's workshops.

Please contact me to discuss fees and costs for the program you are interested in. My fees usually range within $250 - $400 depending on the program and the distance I will need to travel.